Touratech Parts for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure 2021


Touratech already has an extensive range of accessories in stock for the brand
new KTM 1290 Super Adventure, and numerous other parts are being developed to make this big travel enduro even fitter for touring and off-road use.

The KTM 1290 Super Adventure not only lives up to its name, it positively challenges it's rider to join it in the search for great adventures. This robust V-twin offers more than enough power for long distances, while the riding modes help to ground the power safely in off-road terrain. The "R" version adds a long-stroke suspension with large 21/18" spoke wheels that‘s just as convincing on dirt roads as it is on gritty trails and just as capable when it comes to sporty road riding. Riders who accept the Adventure‘s challenge obtain the parts needed for unforgettable adventures, in everything from everyday life to expeditions, from Touratech.

Protection Equipment for Tough Rides

When riding on adventurous trails, solid protector equipment is indispensable.

This is why KTM has equipped the R version of the 1290 Super Adventure with a crash bar as standard; for the standard version, this robust product is available as a factory accessory. Touratech is going even further and offers an extension that also provides protection for the fairing in even the toughest conditions.

A solid engine guard is also a must for off-road riding. The tried-and-tested Expedition protector made of folded ultra-robust aluminum sheeting, which, thanks to the distinctive plastic rails on its underside, acts as a skid plate that makes even rock-strewn slopes lose their terror, is also available for the Super Adventure.

For the KTM 1290 Super Adventure as well, the essentials in terms of protection also include headlight protectors and hand guards, which are of course available from Touratech in the best quality. As an option to the proven hand guards made of unbreakable plastic, the 1290 can also be fitted with the high-end Defensa hand guards. In this case, a super-robust, forged aluminum bracket is responsible for protecting your handlebar fittings and hands - which can be upgraded with plastic shells and spoilers to provide suitable weather protection for touring.

Protective elements for the ABS sensor and the rear brake fluid reservoir round off our range of protectors.

Luggage Systems - at Home on any Trail

Thanks to its enormous long-distance capability, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure is predestined for epic trips. To enable the rider to stow even a large amount of
luggage securely whatever the terrain, Touratech has adapted the ZEGA Evo X
aluminum pannier system, which has been tried and tested ten thousand times
over to the Adventure. This "special system" makes particularly effective use of the space available by cleverly fitting the rack and panniers around the rear silencer, combining maximum volume with minimum overall width. Otherwise, everything is as before: indestructible racks made of 18-millimeter thick stainless steel tubing, panniers made of 1.5-millimeter thick aluminum sheet, equipped with what is probably the world‘s most robust one-hand fastening system. A system with a straight standard rack is already being developed.

Even really fat rack packs, such as those used by long-distance travelers on their month-long trips, sit securely on the aluminum and stainless steel luggage rack.

The Touratech developers have also kept those travelers in mind who appreciate the comforts of a top case. There is a tailor-made support for the ZEGA Evo top case with a volume of 38 liters for the 1290 Super Adventure. Smaller items can be stowed in the Ibarra handlebar bag for easy access or in the Ambato tail rack bag.

And of course, there is also a version of the proven Ambato EXP Rallye tank bag, adapted for the big KTM.

Last but not least, the indestructible, waterproof soft luggage solutions of the
Extreme Edition by Touratech Waterproof series also harmonize perfectly with
the new 1290 KTM.

Perfect ergonomics for optimal performance

Lengthy rides also put the rider‘s physical condition to the test. To prevent any
sign of your performance dropping, even after many hours of riding, individually
adapted motorcycle ergonomics are essential.

The biggest step forward for Adventure riders, when it comes to long-distance
capability, is the Touratech one-piece comfort seat. The high-quality foam won‘t
sag even under continuous use, and the ergonomic design distributes the load
precisely, so that strain on the rider is minimized. Currently, seat variants in three different heights are being developed.

You can achieve perfect posture and balance when standing, by combining the
handlebar riser with the wide long-distance foot pegs. The Pivot Pegz articulated
foot pegs provide you with additional freedom of movement on your motorcycle. The brake lever extension ensures reliable deceleration even when wearing
clunky enduro boots.

Small parts, big effect

Although at first glance quite inconspicuous, it‘s all the small parts, into which decades of Touratech off-road experience has flowed, that offer the decisive advantage out on the tracks. When the going gets tough, the folding, length-adjustable mirror proves its worth just as quickly as the kick stand support extension (only R), the stainless steel chain guard fin, the folding brake lever or the carefully assembled set of professional tools.

And so much more...

The above-mentioned products mark the beginning of the Touratech accessories range for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure. Numerous other parts are in development or already being tested.

Availabe now (in stock or on order):