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SAE/COAX Jack Adapter 6 inches Adapter Cable

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Coax Jack Adapter Cable with 6 inch of 16 awg wire with SAE connector. For Plugging Clothing using a Coax Plug to a SAE Heat-troller or SAE Battery Harness. This has the correct polarity.  

The 6” SAE to Coax Jack can be used to run our heated gear off a Battery Tender Harness that many shops are putting on motorcycles when sold. We don’t recommend using the Battery Tender Harness for our Heated Gear, but for those not willing to add our coax harness to their motorcycle, as long as the Battery Tender Harness is 16 gauge, it is safe to use with a set of heated clothing with this adapter.

Warning: If you are going to do this, then swap the fuse in the 16 gauge Battery Tender Harness with the 15Amp fuse that comes in the Heat-troller Battery Harness