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Rear Shock Absorber Extreme (Reservoir, Preload, High & Low Speed) - BMW R1200GSA 14-17

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**** The conversion of the replacement springs should be made by a specialist workshop.

**** Important: With this suspension solution, we recommend replacing the rear and front shock absorbers together. This is the only way to achieve the best possible handling with this premium suspension system.

**** NOTE: Are you planning to fit an Extreme suspension system to your BMW R1200GS Adventure (LC) 2014-2017 with DDC? To avoid Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) error messages on the display after switching to a Touratech Suspension Extreme suspension system, Touratech has developed an "optional" disable plug for BMW DDC (01-045-5879-0) for the BMW. This ensures that ASC, ABS and DTC continue to operate perfectly.

**** Doesn't fit BMW ESA Next Generation “Auto-levelling” from (2018)

The Touratech Suspension Extreme shock absorber. The name says it all. With the "Extreme", the suspension is not automatically and continuously adjusted. The required settings are made by hand, and the motorcycle is balanced according to the load. The hydraulic position-dependent damping system (PDS) ensures that the the spring elements will not bottom out even with heavy luggage in the most extreme off-road conditions. The "Extreme" suspension system from Touratech Suspension for the BMW R1200GS Adventure (LC) 2014-2017 enhances stability and comfort even over thousands of miles on the harshest off-road terrain, ensuring greater safety and riding enjoyment. For a suspension system that is uncompromisingly tuned to your world tour.

Touratech Suspension offers a "conventional" alternative for the BMW R1200GS Adventure (LC) without Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) suspension. We manufacture the "Extreme" shock absorber using the same precision components and parts that have been tried-and-tested in our suspension systems over thousands of miles of touring, under the most intense conditions.

For you, this means that: the Extreme adjustment range can accommodate any luggage volume from a tail bag to a fully loaded luggage system and/or pillion passenger. You can quickly and easily restore the bike's balance using a hand wheel that adjusts the hydraulic preload. The very fine damping adjustment on the external reservoir lets you effectively and precisely adjust the suspension to suit your personal riding style. In addition, the hydraulic protection against bottoming out (PDS) effectively prevents mechanical contact with the spring travel end stop.

The basic setup fitted here is designed for riders up to 100 kg including luggage. Modifications are possible for a heavier rider (more than 100 kg) and/or if the bike is usually ridden with a passenger / with luggage. In this case, we individually modify the shock absorber to meet your needs by fitting a spring with a higher spring rate.