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Touratech Connect

With "Touratech Connect", the Niedereschach-based accessories specialist turns the smartphone into a universal display in the motorcycle cockpit. The app presents a set of values on the screen of the phone and allows differentiated analysis of vehicle data and personal performance while riding.

The smartphone has established itself as an indispensable communication center in the motorcycle cockpit. Touratech Connect, the innovative combination of app and hardware component, now turns the smartphone into a freely configurable real-time display that provides the rider with a wealth of neatly structured data.

Data directly from the CAN bus

The hardware is permanently installed on the vehicle as a dustproof and waterproof "dongle". It is connected to existing plug connections in a vehicle-specific manner. The electronics read the data from the vehicle's own sensors directly from the CAN bus and transmit it to the smartphone via an easy-to-pair Bluetooth connection. Other connectivity features such as telephony or navigation can be used in parallel.

Clearly structured wealth of data

The app, available for iOS and Android, visualizes the data on the smartphone screen. In addition to basic values such as speed, engine speed, outside temperature or tank level, self-defined vehicle data can also be displayed, such as the temperature above which the engine may be driven in a sporty manner, or the engine speed for changing gear when driving in a fuel-saving manner - signaled by a shift flash. Also of interest is the number of curves taken, the number of gear changes on a route, or the engine power currently being called up.

Numerous parameters can be queried to improve one's own driving style. For example, the braking force (current, average, maximum) can be displayed, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the reserves still available in the individual braking behavior. The lean angle can also be analyzed with regard to the utilization of the limit range. Performance parameters such as acceleration from zero to one hundred or cornering speed can also be recorded.

In total, Touratech Connect records over 60 values relating to the operating status of the motorcycle and the driving dynamics. The data is logically structured in eight functional areas: engine, lighting, brakes, switches & levers, driving dynamics, extremes, special functions and states.

Values can be saved either during a "session" (as long as the dashboard is open) or across sessions for a motorcycle profile.

Individual configuration

For the configuration of the display, the user has almost unlimited possibilities. First, the rider can decide which data he wants to see at all, and then configure the display according to his wishes. Assignment and size of the fields are just as free as the placement. 

Touratech Connect APP incl. hardware

Touratech Connect is available for BMW's liquid-cooled GS boxers, and variants for other vehicles are in preparation. Available for iOS and Android.

For BMW R1250GS /GSA, R1200GS /GSA (as of 08/2015).

Part #: 092-0010, Price: 189.95$

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