GPS Locking Handlebar Mount - Garmin GPSMap 276Cx
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GPS Locking Handlebar Mount - Garmin GPSMap 276Cx

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The handlebar bracket for the GPSMap 276Cx is a high-quality bracket with decoupling to provide vibration protection. It is made from laser-cut and CNC-bent aluminium and stainless steel parts. The aluminium parts are anodized.

The device can be locked to the bracket by means of a lock. This provides simple protection against sneak thieves. When using the lock, the device does not need to be removed and securely stored every time you stop for fuel, for example. It can remain in the locked bracket. The antenna is lightly secured into position, thereby strongly minimizing "wear" or "knocking out" of the antenna. This solution has already proven itself a thousand times on other GPS handlebar brackets. The bracket can be mounted to a 12mm center bar, for example, or the appropriate mounting adapters.

Size: approx. 125mm x 135mm x 130mm
Weight: approx. 350 g