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Engine Guard Skid Plate - Yamaha XT200Z Super Tenere

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Installation Instructions

**** Not compatible with original Yamaha crash bars

**** The engine guard can be installed with our crash bars (01-046-5160-0 silver or 01-046-5161-0 black) without problems.

Whether asphalt or terrain, the Yamaha Super Tenere is a true allrounder. However, for a true allrounder, the original engine guard is somewhat under dimensioned. Our large engine guard offers perfect protection for the underside of your XT1200Z. Dirt or stones thrown up by the front wheel do not hit the engine and manifold. Unpleasant damage, such as dents in the manifold, a damaged oil filter or even holes in the engine block can be avoided effectively using the Touratech engine guard. In addition, the sloped front makes it considerably easier to slide over stones, rocks or uneven terrain.

A product which meets the highest technical requirements and is an absolute "highlight" in terms of optics.


  • material mix of 3mm aluminum sheeting with stainless steel reinforcements
  • protection for manifold, CAT and oil filter
  • designed for best distribution of forces
  • easy to fit
  • complete installation equipment included in set
  • detailed installation instructions

The base plate of the engine guard consists of 3mm thick aluminum sheeting, reinforced with 2 mm thick stainless steel elements. The material mix offers extremely robust protection - no welding seams, only resistant and very robust riveted joints. The holders are also made of indestructible stainless steel.