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30mm Handlebar Risers - BMW R1200GS 08-12, GSA 08-13

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Installation Instructions

There is nothing more satisfying than having your motorcycle fit you perfectly. It's more comfortable, it makes long trips more enjoyable and it's safer.

Bar risers can help with this. Since not every BMW driver is the same size and proportions, moving the bars can make a noticeable difference. Riding in a more upright position can relieve neck and wrist discomfort.

Raises the handlebar of the BMW R1200GS by 30 mm. Use this handlebar riser to tilt your handlebar backwards and raise the height of the whole handlebar slightly.

Warning: Because of the windscreen, just raising the handlebar without moving it to the back will not work..

  • Made of CNC-milled aluminum
  • Anodized surface
  • 46 mm space between holes
  • Raise by 30 mm
  • With screws