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3 Liters Canister Holder w/ Canister - ZEGA Pro2

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Installation Instructions

ZEGA Pro2 accessory holders attach to the pannier in seconds using the standard attachment points of the pre-assembled ZEGA Pro2 aluminum pannier. Securing the pannier lock automatically secures the accessory holder. This means there is no need for a push button, and the equipment can remain in the holder. All ZEGA Pro2 accessory holders come with plastic elements to protect belts.

This 3-litre jerrycan with a standard opening (suitable for pump nozzles) lets you safely transport the liquids you need – such as petrol or even diesel. The jerrycan is approved for use as a fuel container.

Delivery schedule:

  • 3-litre jerrycan with child proof cap (suitable for pump nozzles)
  • ZEGA Pro2 accessory holder "canister" 3 liters with plastic elements to protect belts
  • 2 belts